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JDK provides comprehensive water transport services

Europe, including bulk shipments, oversized goods, and passenger travel.

  • Vessel transport
  • building and servicing hydraulic engineering projects
  • building, repairing and servicing vessels
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Total capacity of vessels for transport

Annual repaired vessels per year

what we do

Our Specialties

Vessel transport

Waterways connect the most important transport hubs across Europe, making them a popular way to transport goods over great distances. The advantages of water transport include the possibility of transporting goods in bulk, a good price to weight ratio, and the avoidance of complications on roads and rails when transporting oversized cargo.
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Hydraulic engineering projects

are an important part the river network. They allow us to effectively connect the different regions of countries, expand their infrastructure, and secure a good position for these regions in the marketplace.
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Building and repairing vessels

We have been building and repairing vessels since 1998, applying our vast experience in the marine engineering industry. A special focus at JDK is on tank barge projects and the supply and assembly of tank barges. We are happy to offer consultations if you need assistance.
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